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Anne-Marie Michel, photographer + filmmaker 


Katharine Round, filmmaker 

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Accurate and generous in her edits, Francesca gave my writing much needed clarity and depth. Her curiosity and critical eye enabled me to recognise good writing and figure out how to improve the parts in need of attention. Her attention to detail and understanding of what makes writing work enabled me to develop my prose style. It has been an edifying pleasure to write with her.

Francesca proofread and edited my PhD thesis and other smaller texts since.  Francesca was invaluable in not only correcting unsighted errors but suggesting possible minor edits to help the text flow and become more coherent. She was incredibly responsive and was able to adjust to my changeable deadlines and turnaround a text with short notice. I would highly recommend Francesca to anyone looking to sharpen their writing and gain an astute outside perspective.  Without doubt, Francesca makes my writing better! 

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